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Digital Preservation

A recent story I covered in Video about a marine who fought for his country in 1943, shortly after Pearl Harbor struck a chord within me regarding family, history and legacy. It was a story that mixed modern technology with historical heroism that traced the roots of a family back to a 20 year old soldier who went to war and never returned. Missing in action for 77 years, his remains were discovered under a building in a mass grave using the latest sciences and technology. With perseverance from family members and those who are sworn to leave no one behind, the return to his homeland was accomplished.

Tools such as Ancestry and help trace family tree’s allowing us to discover the past and the lives of those that came before us. Most of us will never experience the years of intense searching of those looking for a loved one buried on an island requiring DNA to identify them but the popularity of genealogy tells us the discovery of family going back generations is something that occurs in families everywhere.

Tools of the past like Micro Fische proceeded the age of the computer and the internet to discover family history. Otherwise, photo albums, keepsakes and the memory of the eldest among us was relied upon for tracing. The progression of technology has rapidly brought all of this to our fingertips at lightning speed. Today, video is everywhere and continues to be used as the medium of choice. So imagine the thrill of those not too far down the road that pull up the result of a search to find a video of that great grandparent telling their story and bringing that timepiece of history like they were right there in the room.

That’s what we have with our NotForgotten Time Capsule. A place to tell your story by filming a stunning NotForgotten Video, in your words-or let your personal photo’s, videos and documents that really matter to you be your story. “Bury” your time capsule in the Digital Preservation Trust Vaults, recorded using the power of AI and blockchain so it can be found centuries from now. Linked to the likes of The Library of Congress and Genealogy files, a unique trace is put on every capsule which is overseen by an advisory board that will maintain the time capsules for centuries.

Imagine, stories linked to your family history just like the soldier from Richmond, Indiana whose story will never be forgotten. Your children’s children and far beyond will be able to listen to your story over and over again. For more information check out the link under “Our Services” on the website or email me at [email protected]

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