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Digital Preservation

A recent story I covered in Video about a marine who fought for his country in 1943, shortly after Pearl Harbor struck a chord within me regarding family, history and legacy. It was a story that mixed modern technology with

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Lens to Zoom

So now that the world of video conferencing has been forced upon the masses, you may find yourself as an owner of a business or an employee of a company that needs to put some polish on your camera skills.

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Getting the most from your marketing videos

If you’re a business owner you already know you have multiple sharing vehicles. You’re also aware those vehicles reach different audiences. So the first thing to consider when targeting video for each of these platforms is the length a video

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Our New Look

The year 2020 has been a year like no other in our time. Aside from all the challenges and difficulties, the isolation worldwide has given us all time to re-evaluate but to look inward at ourselves. Our businesses have had

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