About Us

Professional Videographer

I have been providing video production and editing for over 10 years now and base my services on two elements. Creativity with passion and collaboration with the goal to exceed your expectations. We have been a Top Pro on Thumbtack for 4 years running.

Our Special Services


Production projects for both corporate and consumer with one or two camera’s and aerial, audio and voice over capabilities. Visit our portfolio to see the wide range of projects that have been completed.  Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs today

Corporate Building Tours

 In today’s environment video is utilized for both marketing and also used in the sale of a business. Our building tours can help with whatever your companies needs are! Contact us today to discuss your interests.

Time Capsules and Tape Transfers

Time Capsules

Keep your story alive for generations in a NotForgotten Time Capsule.

Fill your capsule with what makes you, you. Film a stunning NotForgotten Video telling your story – in your words – or let your personal photos, videos and documents that really matter to you be your story. “Bury” your time capsule in the Digital Preservation Trust vaults. Have it recorded using the power of AI and blockchain so it can be found centuries from now. Whether it’s the little lessons, the secret to happiness, your wedding video or your family history book, keep your story alive in a NotForgotten Time Capsule.

Tape Transfers

Outdated video formats such as VHS and 8mm hold precious memories. Degrading tape over the years needs to be transferred to digital formats to be preserved. We have the ability to transfer many of the different formats to better store these moments.

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